Sustainability Hub

Welcome to CTPA's Sustainability Hub

As part of the CTPA's Sustainability Strategy, 'Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry', this resource has been designed to ensure that everyone within the cosmetics industry has free access to practical help and guidance in the clearest and most manageable way. CTPA has created an index page for this Sustainability Hub so that companies may be able to find pages easily.

This section is designed to help both large and smaller companies navigate sustainability challenges by breaking down key topics, offering helpful tools and advice on issues such as Green Chemistry, Packaging or Environmental Fate.

CTPA is working with a number of different environmental organisations to proactively develop initiatives, raise awareness and change behaviours among consumers. This work also means that CTPA can provide companies with high quality, up-to-date information on this Sustainability Hub. A number of webinars with expert organisations have already been held and are planned in the future. If you are a member of CTPA, remember that the CTPA team is available for individual advice for your business.

This resource is constantly evolving and will be updated regularly. Please feel free to let us know of any topics that you would like to see added.

The Sustainability Hub has been broken down into the three areas of focus targeted by the CTPA Sustainability Strategy.

These three areas of focus are:

  1. Environmental Impacts of Production and the Supply Chain
  2. Waste and End-of-Life Fate
  3. Wellbeing

CTPA has undertaken a new strategic objective to deliver the CTPA Sustainability Strategy, 'Driving towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry' bringing industry together and working in partnership with others to deliver some short, medium and long-term outputs. Together with the CTPA's Sustainability Committee, we will build our sustainability narrative and messaging, identifying and engaging key partners and highlighting how industry is collaborating to act as the hub for system-wide change to help all companies, members and non-members, to work towards this ambitious goal. This intense work progamme was intiated with the international sustainability NGO, Forum for the Future, and CTPA's long-term communications partner, Teneo.

Representing the UK cosmetics and personal care industry, as a trade association CTPA is in a unique position to effect change at a pre-competitive level. Building on the great work members are doing individually on sustainability, the Association is bringing members together to share best practice and drive system-wide change to represent a balanced, conscientious, world-leading industry.