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In this section of the CTPA website, users will be able to join in a host of different training courses that CTPA undertakes. These courses will come in different forms as more is added into the Platform, you can begin to get a feel of how the courses will pan out by taking part in the CTPA Cosmetics Masterclass.

Each video within the Online Learning Platform has to be watched in its entirety in order to be able to continue. Skipping or fast forwarding through videos will mean that you can't continue on into the next section.

CTPA Cosmetics Masterclass

CTPA Cosmetics Masterclass

CTPA Cosmetics Masterclass

30 March 2021£03 hours 10 minutesCourse rating

The Cosmetics Masterclass is a free members-only resource which is aimed at providing an overview of the UK and EU regulatory frameworks and highlighting how to access the CTPA member resources to best effect. By completing this online course, participants will be equipped with the online tools and knowledge to help maximise their time whilst tackling the specific issues and challenges faced in their daily job; whether that is in regulatory, manufacturing, NPD or marketing. The Masterclass is aimed at people within the industry who are either new or need a refresher on the regulatory principles for placing a cosmetic product on the UK and EU markets.