"All of us use cosmetics on a daily basis. They are not only essential to keep us clean, but to give us confidence in ourselves and in how we interact with others. The cosmetics industry is committed to developing sustainable, innovative products which meet our consumers´ needs and demands"

Dr Emma Meredith, Director-General, CTPA


Representing the UK cosmetics and personal care industry, as a trade association CTPA is in a unique position to effect change at a pre-competitive level. Building on the great work members are doing individually on sustainability, the Association is bringing members together to share best practice and drive system-wide change to represent a balanced, conscientious, world-leading industry.

CTPA's Sustainability Strategy, 'Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry' was developed with sustainable development non-profit, Forum for the Future. Net Positive is considered as a new way of operating which puts more back into society by delivering benefits that extend far beyond traditional organisational boundaries, contributing more to the environment and the global economy than it takes out.

The CTPA’s Sustainability Hub, which covers an ever-expanding range of topics and provides a repository of definitions, legal requirements and related guidance, both external and from CTPA, to help guide companies of all sizes towards making their own roles, products and businesses more sustainable.