CTPA Manifesto 2024

5 July 2024 update! Read our Press Release "CTPA Congratulates Sir Keir Starmer After the Clear General Election Result and Looks Forward to Working with the New UK Government"


As we head towards a UK General Election, CTPA's first ever Manifesto is calling for the next Government to develop a strategy for the cosmetics and personal care industry to secure the continued sustainable growth of this essential sector.

To-date, the cosmetics, personal care and beauty industry has not had a holistic, Government-supported strategy dedicated to the sector. CTPA is calling for such a strategy to be developed, based on, and maintaining, the strict legislative framework already in place.

CTPA would like to work with the next Government together, as a trusted partner, on the dedicated strategy to secure the continued sustainable growth of this indispensable industry for the next five years.

This Manifesto sets out the main asks of this approach based on the key pillars of Essentiality; Regulation; Science; Sustainability; Business.

CTPA Manifesto 2024 is available to download here (full version)

A short version, the CTPA Manifesto 2024 leaflet is available to download here.

If you would like to discuss its content, CTPA Director-General, Dr Emma Meredith, can be contacted at: [email protected] or [email protected], subject 'Manifesto 2024'.

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