Labelling and Communication for Responsible Disposal

The most important aspects to remember are;

  • Understand and assess the full life-cycle impact of your packaging decisions.
  • Know what markets the products are intended for and what specific considerations there are in respect of collection/recycling infrastructure as well as consumer behaviour and understanding.
  • Ensure you are communicating the whole story to your consumers so that they understand exactly what they are buying and how to dispose of the product waste correctly and responsibly.
  • Any claim needs to be substantiated by robust support and needs to take into consideration the consumer understanding, whatever the market.

When you try to assess this type of claims, you should ask yourself:

  • What does the company mean with this claim? 
  • What would the consumer understand with this claim?
  • Can the company robustly support this claim to demonstrate the message given by the company and the message understood by consumers (bearing in mind the local facilities for recycling in the relevant markets)?