CTPA Recommendations and Best Practice

Swift, self-regulatory action can complement the existing strict cosmetics regulatory framework in the UK and EU.  CTPA works with its members to develop Recommendations for the whole EU and/or UK cosmetics industry on matters that benefit from co-ordinated action from a responsible industry.

Infosheets and Infocards

CTPA has created clear and simple visual documents to explain important concepts within the cosmetics industry.  These documents are relevant not only for our industry, but also for any external stakeholders such as Government departments, sister associations, media that want to learn more about how our industry works.

For consumer and media-facing infosheets on topics such as sun protection, allergy and more, please see our thefactsabout website.

Safety Information Sheet for Cosmetics

Finished cosmetic products (ready for supply to consumers) are exempt from the requirements of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation; therefore, there is no requirement to supply Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for cosmetic products.  However, it must also be recognised that there are legal requirements under Health and Safety legislation.  CTPA has therefore created a simple template to supply relevant safety information about cosmetics, should it be needed in certain circumstances (e.g. salons).

CTPA works very closely with its EU counterpart Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care trade association.  Cosmetics Europe also issues recommendations to industry, some of which can be found below as examples.

CE Recommendation on PFAS 

Cosmetics Europe recommends that by December 31 2025, cosmetics manufacturers phase out the use of per- and polyfluoralkyl ingredients (PFAS), if intentionally added to cosmetic products placed on the market in EU EEA and UK. 

CE Recommendation on the use of Alternative Methods to ISO24444

CE Recommendation on Flammability Labelling for Cosmetic Products

CE Recommendation on Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)

CE recommendation on Solid Plastic Particles

CE Recommendation on Products for Children Under 3 Years of Age