CTPA Recommendations and Best Practice

Swift, self-regulatory action can complement the existing strict cosmetics regulatory framework in the UK and EU.  CTPA works with its members to develop Recommendations for the whole EU and/or UK cosmetics industry on matters that benefit from co-ordinated action from a responsible industry.

CTPA Recommendation on PFAS

This document provides advice on the use of PFAS in cosmetic products, as well as considerations on not taking regulatory action on chemicals based solely on persistence when a risk of harm to the environment has not been demonstrated.

CTPA works very closely with its EU counterpart Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care association.  Cosmetics Europe also issues recommendations to industry, some of which can be found below as examples.

CE Recommendation on Flammability Labelling for Cosmetic Products

CE Recommendation on Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)

CE recommendation on Solid Plastic Particles

CE Recommendation on Products for Children Under 3 Years of Age