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As the voice of the British cosmetics and personal care industry, CTPA represents the views of its members to the Government, the media and other key stakeholders.  This section provides access to public consultation responses, position papers and industry recommendations which CTPA has developed in conjunction with its members, on behalf of the UK cosmetics industry.  You will also find the key stakeholders with whom CTPA engages.

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NEW - February 2023 - CTPA Position Paper on Take-back Schemes for Small Cosmetic Product Packaging

CTPA Position Paper on Take-back Schemes for Small Cosmetic Product Packaging

This document highlights CTPA support for the provision of Take-back Schemes to collect otherwise unrecycled small cosmetic packaging.

CTPA strongly believes that all items of packaging for cosmetic products placed on the market must be ultimately recyclable, either via kerbside collections or through the provision of Take-back Schemes.

While the ultimate aim of CTPA is the harmonisation of schemes, amalgamation of waste and its meaningful reprocessing, these goals are intrinsically linked with the UK Government’s plans for Extended Producer Responsibility, key aspects of which are currently undetermined. In the meantime, CTPA has committed to work with companies to maximise collection through Take-Back Schemes that are already in place and encourage other schemes to be set up.  In addition, working with the Recycle Now team at WRAP, CTPA will aim to increase the number of cosmetics brands that are listed on the Recycling Locator tool and highlighting Take-back Schemes to their consumers and so encouraging this form of recycling for currently unrecycled cosmetic packaging.