Stakeholder Engagement

CTPA works closely with the UK Government and Regulators to contribute data and perspectives from the cosmetics industry.  

International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety

The International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety (ICCS) has the mission of advancing the adoption of animal-free human and environmental safety science for cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients.  ICCS brings together experts from cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers, industry associations, and animal protection organizations to drive greater global awareness and confidence in animal-free safety science through research, education, and regulatory engagement.  CTPA contributes to ICCS through Cosmetics Europe (CE), one of the founding members.  More information on ICCS, its work and its members can be found on its website

UK Cosmetic Stakeholder Group

The UK Cosmetic Stakeholder Group (CSG) was created with the aim of ensuring a wide range of views on the feasibility and the impact of policy and legislative proposals in relation to cosmetic and personal care products and ingredients.  The CSG establishes close cooperation and exchange of information between the competent authority, the enforcement agency and relevant expert group representatives.

The CSG was setup up by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), the competent authority for cosmetic products in the UK, at the start of 2022.  The group is under the chairmanship of David Lovell, not acting on behalf of the UK Government or any of the participating CSG members. The Secretariat of the group is to be held by a member organisation on a voluntary basis, and CTPA currently holds this position.

In accordance with the principle of transparency, the information related to the group’s agendas and minutes will be shared and can be found below.  The list of active participants is available upon request.


15 December 2022 - Agenda

4 May 2022 - Agenda

CTPA Claims and Advertising Stakeholders Group

The CTPA Claims and Advertising Stakeholders Group aims to identify and address issues related to cosmetic claims, in particular related to the cosmetic borderline, advertising, new regulatory provisions, new trends and innovations.  The goal of the group is to develop a position in collaboration with the cosmetics industry on key issues, to promote alignment between the industry and with the relevant external stakeholders involved in claims and advertising for cosmetics – namely the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Clearcast.