Published: 09 April 2024  (Updated: 21 May 2024)

Upcoming CTPA Cosmetic Claims Training Programme 2024

All claims made for cosmetic products must comply with the requirements of the UK Cosmetics Regulations (UKCR) and the Common Criteria for Cosmetic Claims, as well as any advertising and competition laws. In particular, all claims have to be substantiated by adequate, significant and verifiable evidence. However, the regulations do not provide a list of specific claims, or the evidence required to substantiate them.  The Responsible Person placing the products on the market is responsible for the claims made, including their wording and their claim substantiation. 

Therefore, to provide information on the regulatory framework for cosmetic claims and how to approach substantiation, CTPA is hosting two training events in 2024.

CTPA is presenting a webinar on Thursday 16 May 2024 which will provide an overview of all the legal requirements for cosmetic claims in the UK.  It will review the obligations of the UKCR, explore the Common Criteria, and discuss the horizontal legislation such as the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and the UK Advertising Codes. The webinar will be free and open to CTPA members and non-members.  Find more information and register here.

The webinar will be followed by an in-person training day on Tuesday 4 June 2024 open to members only. This event will take a workshop approach to exploring claim substantiation principles and methods. By applying the CTPA Tool for Claim Substantiation to examples of cosmetic claims, we will discover how to make decisions for claim wording and appropriate evidential support, equipping the attendees to apply these approaches in practice. Find more information and register here.

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