Published: 19 December 2023  (Updated: 03 January 2024)

Time to Say Goodbye....

We are extremely sad to announce that, after very many years of stellar service at CTPA, Debbie Hunter,
Director of Commercial Affairs, will be leaving the Association on 19 December 2023.

We have wished Debbie well as retirement beckons after 48 and a half years at the CTPA.

Back on 7 July 1975, Debbie joined the Toilet Preparations Federation (the TPF, which changed its name to CTPA in the 80s) as a ‘Girl Friday’.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Not only has Debbie driven the Association, but one
of her many gifts is seeing the possibilities in people and enabling them to grow in confidence and to achieve their full potential.  Everyone at CTPA has been touched by this and benefited.

During her tenure, Debbie has seen about 15 Chairs, six Director-Generals and at least
50 staff come and go.  Many are still in contact with her, a testament to the impact Debbie has had on people and what a special person she is.

Debbie steered us through four office moves! From Soho Square to Dover Street to Oxford Circus then Piccadilly, and now Whitehall.

In 2002/3, a pivotal time for CTPA, when Dr Chris Flower was appointed Director-General, Debbie and Chris took on the challenge from the Board to be more proactive.  Debbie really championed the Communications Strategy which propelled CTPA into the forward-thinking Association it is today and a trusted partner with Government and our key stakeholders.  All of us at CTPA and the industry are incredibly grateful to her for that.

Enjoy your retirement Debbie and all the equestrian successes to come, but we will miss you!

(Photo:  Debbie Hunter and Thierry Cheval, CTPA Chair)







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