Published: 05 March 2024  (Updated: 05 March 2024)

CTPA Manifesto series #1: Calling for a dedicated strategy for our industry

By Dr. Emma Meredith, Director General, CTPA


February was extremely exciting both for me personally and for CTPA, as we launched our first ever Manifesto on behalf of the UK cosmetics, personal care and beauty industry.  The CTPA Manifesto (#CTPAManifesto2024) calls for the next UK Government to develop a dedicated strategy for our sector that will promote the essentiality of our amazing industry’s products and services, maintain our strict risk-based safety legislation, fundamentally protect science-led decision-making, provide a framework for growth with sustainability at its core, enhance the competitiveness of the UK industry for both import and export - championing the UK industry as a leader in product manufacture, design and innovation.

Let’s not forget the importance of this creative, skilled industry that touches, and enhances, the lives of many millions of people every day.  CTPA’s 225-plus membership represents manufacturers of all sizes of cosmetics and personal care products and suppliers to the industry, covering over 85% of the UK industry, which was valued at over £8.9 billion at retail sales value in 2022(1).  Our sector employs people across manufacturing, design, R&D, marketing, sales, export/import, retail and services, including hair and beauty salons and spas.  In 2022, the personal care industry supported a total GDP contribution of £24.5 billion(2).  I’m proud to work for an industry which puts science and product safety at its core and embraces innovation, from multinationals to SMEs - the UK cosmetics and personal care industry having the largest number of SMEs in Europe, at 1413(3).

The dedicated Strategy request of the CTPA Manifesto is based on 12 keys asks, under the five pillars of essentiality, regulation, science, sustainability and business.  Join me over the next few weeks for a journey through these pillars which will bring the Manifesto to life.  Next stop: the fundamental essentiality of our industry.

CTPA is looking forward to working with the next UK Government on the aims of the Strategy.  I hope that you will be able to support the key asks and champion the cause in any discussions you may have with your key stakeholders, so that we can all help secure the continued sustainable growth of this indispensable industry!


Read the full Manifesto here !

CTPA members: you are invited to join our campaign > download the toolkit CTPA has prepared for you here !


(1) CTPA 2022 Annual Report. (2023).  Data provided by Kantar and Circana

(2) Value of Beauty Report. (March 2023). Oxford Economics for the British Beauty Council

(3) Market Performance Report 2022. (2023). Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care association


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