Published: 21 February 2024  (Updated: 21 February 2024)

CTPA Launches the Cosmetics Industry Manifesto

As we head towards a UK General Election, CTPA’s first ever Manifesto is calling for the next Government to develop a strategy for the cosmetics and personal care industry to secure the continued sustainable growth of this essential sector.


The key asks for the UK cosmetics and personal care strategy

The CTPA Manifesto sets out the 12 key asks, supported by robust rationales, that form the basis of the dedicated strategy, underpinned by the pillars of Essentiality, Regulation, Science, Sustainability and Business.  The individual asks under each pillar represent the most important things Government can do to help ensure the continued growth and success of the sector.


  1. Essentiality

Government policy must recognise the essentiality and economic significance of the cosmetics and personal care industry.  There are very few industries which create items used by us all each and every day, and our products are essential for our health, hygiene and wellbeing.


  1. Regulation

Government must protect the existing high standards of consumer safety provided by the sector-specific, risk-based framework of the UK Cosmetics Regulation (UKCR), ensuring that it is preserved.  The ongoing OPSS Product Safety Review must not change or undermine the fundamental safety principles of the UKCR nor create an uneven playing field for UK businesses.

In addition, UK REACH while protecting human health and the environment also needs to be feasible and not too burdensome for business.

There must also be consistent implementation of new rules within the UK internal market across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A formal UK/EU cooperation structure for the cosmetics and personal care industry needs to be created to facilitate trade, regulatory cooperation on UK and EU REACH, intra-company transfers and scientific cooperation. In the run up to the five-year review of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, there is now a major opportunity to instigate a formal structure of dialogue for the benefit of UK jobs, science, innovation and exports.

There should be continued recognition of our industry within Free-trade agreements.


  1. Science

Decisions being made on the safe use of cosmetic ingredients and finished products must follow a robust science-led and risk-based approach. 

CTPA also calls for a proactive UK Government strategy to integrate animal-free methods into the safety assessment of chemicals, including occupational health and safety and environmental assessments. There is a real opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in modern, animal-free scientific methods.


  1. Sustainability

The cosmetics and personal care industry is committed to minimising its impact on environmental challenges we all face, including climate change, biodiversity and impact of packaging.  There must be strong industry involvement in policies related to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as well as detailed information on EPR requirements.  We also ask Government to be supportive of take-back schemes and to invest in a harmonised infrastructure for recycling.


  1. Business

CTPA, alongside many other organisations, is requesting the return of tax-free shopping in the UK to boost tourism spending in stores and at airports. We are urging the Chancellor to make this change in the Budget on 6 March.

Regulators must also understand how the industry’s global supply chains work in order to understand the economic scale and impact of new obligations, especially those requiring companies to change product labels or formulations, in order to avoid compromising UK competitiveness.


CTPA advocacy and industry engagement

The CTPA Manifesto is fundamental to CTPA’s advocacy on behalf of our essential industry in 2024 and beyond. It is being shared with key decision-makers and stakeholders and will be used when engaging with UK MPs, all the major political parties and Government representatives throughout the year.

A strategy by and for the cosmetics industry, the Manifesto has received extensive contributions and support from CTPA members. For its official launch this spring, CTPA has also produced a useful toolkit for its members to use, in order to make the most of CTPA’s advocacy work in the name of the industry and extend the Manifesto’s outreach.


Dr Emma Meredith, CTPA’s Director-General said:

“To date, the cosmetics and personal care industry has not had a dedicated Government strategy focused on this vital sector.  CTPA would like to work with the UK Government after the General Election on a strategy recognising the essentiality of the industry’s products and services by maintaining the strict risk-based safety legislation, protecting science-led decision-making whilst providing a framework for growth with sustainability at its core.  The strategy should also enhance the competitiveness of the UK industry for both import and export and champion the UK industry as a leader in product manufacture, design and innovation.”


Read the full Manifesto, including all key asks and rationales:


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