Published: 28 April 2023  (Updated: 03 May 2023)

BLOG: CTPA Spotlight on Rachael McEvoy - Why is Sustainability Important?

Ahead of CTPA’s second Sustainability Summit on 10 May, we talk to CTPA’s Environmental Affairs Manager, Rachael McEvoy, on her role at the Association and her journey into the world of sustainable cosmetics and personal care products.

"How the world is operating is not sustainable….. we need to act now."               Rachael McEvoy

Where did your passion for the environment and sustainability begin?

It began with the ocean!  I went travelling in Australia and had plenty of time for snorkelling and seeing the amazing ocean environment first-hand.  I then decided to take a master’s degree in marine conservation focussing on ocean literacy and why marine conservation is so important. 

I looked for a job that would use my degree skills and a new role at CTPA caught my eye.  The job advert highlighted the CTPA’s Sustainability Strategy 'Driving towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry'.  ‘Net positive’ is a hugely ambitious strategy and I joined CTPA because I want to make a difference!

Describe your role at CTPA

My role is mostly focused on environmental regulations; I engage with Government and other stakeholders to advocate for the cosmetics industry and ensure it is represented in this evolving area of law.  I respond to consultations and I advise member companies on important issues such as the UK Plastic Packaging Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility.

CTPA is proud to support initiatives such as Cosmetics Europe’s Commit for our Planet, the UK Plastics Pact and the Eco Beauty Score Consortium.

I also create content for CTPA’s ever-evolving Sustainability Hub where you can find inspiration to support your sustainability journey, and explore wide-ranging issues, from climate impact and water use through to environmental claims, advertising and communications.

CTPA’s membership covers all types of companies involved in making, supplying and selling cosmetics and personal care products, from small, medium and multinational companies to raw material suppliers and contract manufacturers.  One of my favourite parts of the job is helping our wide range of member companies with targeted advice.  CTPA’s confidential member one-to-one meetings on sustainability help members focus on their sustainability strategies.  By offering new ideas and resources we have a valuable insight into steps that members are taking and how varied their challenges are.  Sometimes companies think they are right at the beginning of their sustainability journeys but through these meetings, they realise that they have made progress already.  All of this helps to support CTPA’s sustainability strategy for the industry.

Why is sustainability so important?

How the world is operating now is not sustainable – we are using more resources than we have.  Whether you think you’re involved or not, you are.  Climate change and biodiversity loss is happening and we need to act now.

CTPA’s Sustainability Summit, Wednesday 10 May 2023

‘Positive Ambitions for People and Planet’

I believe that sustainability must be at the heart of a business and so this Summit is a must-attend event for members and non-members. CTPA will be bringing together industry leaders and innovators to challenge us to rethink the whole life cycle of our products and innovate to create products and experiences that meet consumers’ needs and their environmental values.  You can attend the event in person in London, or online and I hope to see you there.

Download the Sustainability Summit programme here

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