Published: 07 May 2024  (Updated: 07 May 2024)

CTPA Relaunches its ‘Patch Testing Guidelines’

CTPA has relaunched its ‘Patch Testing Guidelines’ after a thorough review in collaboration with its CTPA Cosmetovigilance Advisory Group and the British Society for Cutaneous Allergy (BSCA) Working Group.  The document can be downloaded at this link and it is publicly available.

These ‘CTPA Patch Testing guidelines’ have been developed to inform cosmetics companies of the practical aspects of supplying patch test materials to dermatologists who request cosmetic ingredient samples for diagnostic patch testing; as well as to facilitate a dialogue between dermatologists and companies. The guidelines cover:

  • what is patch testing and why dermatologists perform them on patients;
  • key steps and tasks to be taken by both dermatologists and companies during the process to prepare patch testing samples;
  • preparation of patch testing samples.

Companies are encouraged to consult this guidance and familiarise with this process, as it is important to work with dermatologists as they may need to diagnose contact dermatitis or contact allergy to certain substances which may be used in cosmetic products.  CTPA members can benefit from further assistance by contacting CTPA.


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