Published: 16 February 2023  (Updated: 16 February 2023)

Cosmetics Europe Launches New Consumer Tool


Cosmetics Europe has today launched COSMILE Europe, a European ingredients database that will provide consumers across Europe with the ability to search for helpful information about the  ingredients in their cosmetic and personal care products.

Currently available in 14 languages, the database provides information on almost 30,000 ingredients used in cosmetics. It includes information on ingredient properties, their function, whether they are man-made and/or of natural origin and in which types of products they can be found.

Cosmetics Europe is delighted to be sharing this tool with European citizens. There’s a deluge of information on cosmetics on the internet and it can be difficult to know which sources are reliable. The European cosmetics and personal care industry wants to provide European citizens with a simple way to access reliable, verified and scientifically supported information on cosmetics ingredientsJohn Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

Ingredient lists on the labels and packaging of cosmetics and personal care products use INCI names (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient). INCI names are internationally recognised to identify cosmetic ingredients. The COSMILE Europe database can be searched by INCI names, common ingredient names or by group of substances or product type.

COSMILE Europe is available in 14 languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish. More languages will be available next year.

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