Published: 09 December 2022  (Updated: 26 January 2023)

NEW! CTPA Infographic for Hair and Beauty Professionals

Are you a hair or beauty professional, or a company supplying hair or beauty salons? Allergic reactions to cosmetics are; but do you know what to do if a client has an undesirable reaction to a product?

CTPA created a new infographic for hair and beauty professionals to explain what to do if one of their clients experiences an adverse reaction to one of the products used as part of a treatment in salon.

The infographic contains four simple steps to follow in this instance:

  • the client is encouraged to contact the Responsible Person of the product used;
  • the hair or beauty professional shall reassure the client and explain why the above step is needed;
  • provide additional information on allergies and the cosmetovigilance process;
  • prevention of allergies by checking whether the client may be allergic to an ingredient in the product, or, in case of hair colorants, by performing the Allergy Alert Test.

Companies supplying hair and beauty salons are welcome to use this infographic and share it with their customers.  This can help raise awareness among and hair and beauty sector of the cosmetics industry’s cosmetovigilance obligations and what is best to do in the event of an undesirable reaction to a product.

Further guidance for both professionals and consumers is also available on thefactsabout.

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