Published: 01 March 2021  (Updated: 01 March 2021)

HSE REACH Independent Scientific Expert Pool – Apply Now

The UK Chemicals Agency is seeking highly capable and motivated scientific and technical experts to join the REACH Independent Scientific Expert Pool (RISEP).  RISEP is being established as a multidisciplinary pool of individual experts in environmental or human health risk assessment and toxicology, workplace exposure, regulatory science, and socioeconomic analysis. 

Experts will support the UK Agency in developing its scientific opinions by providing independent challenge, as well as supplementary experience, knowledge and skills.  This is an exciting opportunity to be actively involved in the provision of scientific advice and expertise in the regulation and management of chemicals under the new UK regime – UK REACH.

To apply, and to see further information about application criteria including conflicts of interest, please see this link.  The closing date is 4 April 2021.

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