Published: 28 September 2023  (Updated: 28 September 2023)

NEW! CTPA Infographics on Cosmetovigilance

Cosmetovigilance is the monitoring by companies of adverse reactions to cosmetic products when they are used by consumers.  As well as being a legal obligation under the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations, cosmetovigilance is a useful tool to monitor the product whilst it is on the market and identify any safety signals. 

CTPA issued these new infographics on cosmetovigilance to explain in a concise and simple manner

  • what is cosmetovigilance
  • why it is important
  • a step-by-step flowchart showing companies what needs to be done upon receipt of a consumer contact about an adverse reaction.

The infographics can also be easily accessed here (public) or in the Cosmetovigilance Reference Zone page (members only).

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