Published: 01 January 2021  (Updated: 15 February 2021)

EU Member States Customs Requirements

The UK has become a third country to the EU, being formally out of the Single Market from 1 January 2021.  Therefore, UK products introduced into the EU will count as imported goods, and will have to adhere to the specific import requirements from the EU Member State where the customs clearance process takes place.

Certain EU Member States have specific and strict import requirements when goods are imported from third countries.  The UK is now a third country to the EU, therefore this will apply to goods coming from the UK. 

Notably, Spain, Italy and Portugal are among the countries with additional customs procedures for goods coming from third countries; therefore, for goods coming from the UK (or any other third country) through EU customs in one of these Member States, these specific procedures will apply.  These additional requirements are not related to product compliance, but measures set in place by the individual regulators with regards to in-market control activities. However, if goods clear customs in a different EU Member State, then the goods can move freely to all other EU Member States without any further checks (under free movement of goods within the EU Single Market).

CTPA has been working on updated resources for EU Member States local requirements, as part of its Online Regulatory Resource which is available for members only. 

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