Published: 24 October 2022  (Updated: 24 October 2022)

Upcoming Ban of BMHCA/’lilial’ in GB

Further to this public statement, companies are reminded that the placing on the market deadline for BMHCA/’lilial’ has now passed (applied as of 15 October 2022).  The making available on the market (off-shelf) deadline for products containing this fragrance ingredient is 15 December 2022, meaning that all products containing BMHCA/’lilial’ must be taken off-shelf in the GB market.  The UK Statutory Instrument implementing the ban can be found here.

Companies are reminded that the BMHCA/’lilial’ ban has been in place in the EU/NI as of 1 March 2022.  For more information, please check this public news and the public statement on this ingredient.

Companies and stakeholders can keep track of ingredients divergence between the EU and GB in this public resource of the CTPA website.

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