Published: 24 February 2022  (Updated: 25 March 2022)


Given the worrying news from Ukraine, CTPA is monitoring the situation to determine any impact on, and a response required from, our industry.  At the moment, sanctions in place relate to banks and individuals and do not include goods within the scope.  Therefore, it is unlikely that sanctions will affect cosmetic goods directly at this stage.  CTPA would though advise companies that sell into Russia to closely follow developments in the matter, have a good understanding of their supply chain and communicate with their distributors and partners in this area so that they are able to react to rapidly-changing developments.

Advice from the Department for International Trade (DIT)

CTPA has been informed by DIT that businesses with Ukraine/Russia queries should be directed to the DIT Export Support Service – either by phone 0300 303 8955 or online, where there is a specific Ukraine/Russia page.

Further information received from DIT:

The situation in Ukraine and Russia will continue to change over the coming days and weeks. This may involve further sanctions which could affect UK business. We recommend companies to refer to on all the latest guidance on sanctions relating to exporting to Russia. The links below refer to 2019 and the latest 2022 financial sanctions relating to Russia.

Companies doing business with countries subject to sanctions must accept the risks of doing so, just as they accept other political and market risks.

UK companies will need to immediately adjust their business if they are undertaking activity with those that HMG have newly designated on 22 February. We suggest you take legal advice if you suspect your business could be impacted.

You can stay up to date with the latest government notifications on export controls by signing up to the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) e-alert service.

Notice to Exporters e-alerts:

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