Published: 20 May 2021  (Updated: 01 June 2021)

The UK Prepares for New Trade Deal Negotiations with Canada and Mexico


In December 2020, the UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement (TCA) and the UK-Mexico TCA were respectively signed, securing tariff-free exports on 98% of goods to Canada and 88% of goods to Mexico.  Both agreements were signed with the ambition to negotiate new, bespoke deals that would go further than the existing rollover agreements, with the potential to be better tailored to the UK economy and provide the opportunity to set new benchmarks in area like digital trade climate, and women’s economic empowerment.  In addition, these trade deals will also support the UK’s ambition to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), to which Canada and Mexico are both members of.

This year, the UK is to begin negotiations for upgraded trade deals with Canada and Mexico and therefore, the Department for International Trade (DIT) is seeking input from 18 May until 12 July 2021 on views from the public, businesses and other stakeholders on what the UK’s ambitions should be for these Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).  Much like the call for input for Australia, USA, New-Zealand and Japan, the responses will help inform the UK’s position as it prepares for the negotiations later in the year.  More information can be found on the UK Government website.

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