Published: 08 July 2020  (Updated: 06 August 2020)

NEW CTPA Guide on Environmental and Green Claims

With the increase in popularity and use of environmental and ‘green’ claims within the cosmetics industry, and with the growing awareness and concern about personal and industrial impact to the environment, the CTPA created its guide on ‘Environmental and Green Claims’ in collaboration with the CTPA Claims and Advertising Working Group and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA – the UK regulator for advertising). The guidance is intended to compile the specific rules that are applicable to environmental claims to ensure that consumers are not misled, and to ensure industry is aware of the rules and key considerations applicable to environmental claims for cosmetic products.

The guidance provides in-depth information on the legal framework for environmental claims, the EU and UK approaches and other related guidelines.  This guidance document also provides detailed insights on specific claims that are seen across the cosmetics industry such as ‘ocean friendly’, ‘environmentally friendly’, claims referring to packaging recyclability or biodegradability, claims related to microplastics, or claims related to palm oil.  This document will be kept up to date as this topic will continue to evolve based on national and international environmental policies.

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