Published: 22 January 2024  (Updated: 20 February 2024)

IMPORTANT – Call for Interest on Several Substances

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has listed a new entry within its Registry of Intentions with proposed Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic (CMR) classifications.  According to Article 15 of the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations, if a cosmetic ingredient receives a CMR classification, specific safety information must be submitted to, and reviewed by, the authorities to allow the ingredient to continue being used. The objective of this ingredient defence is to secure an Annex III entry for strontium salts and spearmint oil within the Cosmetics Regulation if it receives the below-proposed CMR classification.

  • STRONTIUM SALTS (multiple entries and CAS numbers, indicative list of impacted substances below)
    • Strontium acetate (Annex III, entry 58) (543-94-2, 208-854-8)
    • Strontium chloride (Annex III, entry 57) (10476-85-4, 233-971-6)
    • Strontium hydroxide (Annex III, entry 63) (18480-07-4, 242-367-1)
    • Proposed CMR 1B reprotox - Sweden
    • Expected submission date 1 June 2024

 SPEARMINT OIL (EC / List no: 616-927-4 CAS no: 8008-79-5)

    • No entry in CPR Annexes
    • Proposed CMR 2 reproox
    • Dossier submitted by Sweden Dec 2021 (through biocides process, no dossier available yet to view on ECHA website)

Companies who are interested in contributing to the defence work for strontium salts and spearmint oil, please contact CTPA at [email protected] by 7 February 2024.

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