Published: 28 March 2022  (Updated: 28 March 2022)

EU Survey on Certification and Testing Barriers for Export Markets

The EU Department for Trade (DG TRADE) launched an anonymous 12-question survey on certification and testing barriers in EU export markets, with the aim to identify specific challenges faced by EU manufacturing industry in respect of compliance with the regulatory requirements of importing countries.  This survey is targeted at EU companies manufacturing or selling industrial products and is available online until 3 April 2022.

In the survey, the European Commission (EC) also highlights the benefits of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) that are in place between the EU and some exporting markets, in facilitating market access by reducing costs and time with mandatory product certification and testing.  Indeed, MRAs provide mutual recognition between trading partners of mandatory test results and certificates for certain manufactured products, meaning EU companies may rely on laboratory testing in the EU for compliance with requirements on both the EU and export markets. 

The results of the survey will provide input for an assessment of the potential for updating or expanding the EU's existing MRAs as well as inform work related to avoiding new and unnecessary technical barriers to trade.

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