Published: 04 April 2022  (Updated: 04 April 2022)

EU Commission launches consultation on the EU Cosmetics Products Regulation

Under the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, the EU Commission has committed to review the current legislation in place of the most relevant chemical legislations, such as the Cosmetics Products Regulation, in order to better protect the public and the environment. The roadmap for the review of the Cosmetics Products Regulations establishes three phases: the inception impact assessment, the public consultation and the Commission adoption.

The Inception Impact Assessment ran from 4 October 2021 until 1 November 2021, and the responses have been made public. The second phase of the review, the Public Consultation was launched on 29 March 2022 and will run until 21 June 2022.

The proposed consultation continues from the inception impact assessment and is seeking views on the application of the GRA, the mixture assessment factor, the reattribution of work of scientific committees, a horizontal definition of nanomaterials and a new labelling approach for communicating essential information on chemicals.

To respond to the consultation, companies and individuals can submit their views here. Please note registration to the EU Commission portal might be required. For businesses and organisations, registration with the EU Transparency Register is also requested.

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