Published: 11 February 2020  (Updated: 26 February 2020)

DIT Launches Two Digital Tools for Traders

On 3 February 2019, the Department for International Trade (DIT) launched two free digital tools for businesses importing and exporting goods in and out of the UK market.

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, and DIT and relevant industry associations are working hard to maintain a high level of information and transparency on tariffs, regulations and other topics while negotiating Free Trade Agreements with foreign countries during the transition period.

These new tools are aimed at saving businesses time and making it easier to trade, having all the specific information in one place:

  • the ‘Check How to Export Goods’ tool provides exporters of goods out of the UK market with information such as duties and customs procedures for over 160 markets around the world;
  • the ‘Trade with the UK’ tool provides importers of goods into the UK market with detailed and up-to-date information on tariffs, taxes and rules.

Please note the tools will be updated regularly to reflect any changes.

You can leave your feedback to DIT for both tools by clicking on the following links, the ‘Check How to Export Goods’ and ‘Trade with the UK’.  

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