Published: 27 October 2022  (Updated: 27 October 2022)

CTPA Public Statement on the Legal Status of Methyl Salicylate in GB

Companies may be aware that from 17 December 2022, methyl salicylate will be listed in Annex III (the list of ingredients with specific requirements of use) of the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation, setting specific concentration limits for a number of different product types.

The new restrictions will not apply to methyl salicylate in products on the GB market.  Therefore, cosmetic and personal care products containing methyl salicylate can continue to be placed on the market and sold in GB without a specific restriction until further notice.  These products are both safe and legal; they have undergone a rigorous safety assessment by an expert safety assessor.

As part of the new GB legislative procedure, methyl salicylate will undergo an assessment under the UK Cosmetics Regulation to reconfirm its safety.  This is expected during 2023. 

CTPA will work with the UK authorities to ensure transition periods allow the UK supply chain time to prepare for the entry into force of any new restrictions. CTPA will keep the UK cosmetics industry well informed.

CTPA has issued a public statement clarifying the legal status of methyl salicylate in cosmetic products on the EU/NI and GB markets. 

Companies are reminded that this legislative amendment in the EU will also add 14 substances to Annex II of the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation, meaning that they will be banned.  Among these substances methylene di-t-butylcresol and methyl isobutyl ketone are cosmetic ingredients and will be banned for use in cosmetic products.  This will also not apply in GB until further notice.

More details on the ingredients divergence between the EU and UK can be found in this public resource on the CTPA website.

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