Published: 26 April 2024  (Updated: 26 April 2024)

Chartered Trading Standards Institute launches "Cost of Beauty" campaign

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is launching their ‘#CostofBeauty’ campaign which raises awareness about the safety issues associated with three key cosmetic areas:

  • Skin lightening creams containing illegal ingredients
  • Illegal teeth whitening kits
  • Professional use gel nail and L&P nail systems being used by consumers at home.

CTPA was associated to the campaign and supports the messages. Our consumer website is referenced in the campaign for useful complementary information on each topic.

CTPA Director General Dr Emma Meredith said: “The safety of our customers is the number one priority of the cosmetics industry and the UK has strict laws dedicated to the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients. All cosmetic products legally placed on the UK market, even via online, must abide by these robust rules. CTPA would advise purchasing your cosmetic products from a reputable retail source and ensure they are correctly labelled with a full ingredients list. If a product is labelled ‘for professional use only’, please only trust a professional to apply it for you, so you can get the results you want, safely.”

More information on the campaign can be found here: Cost of Beauty (

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