Published: 11 July 2013

URGENT: CPNP - System Errors and Access Difficulties

Cosmetics Europe has contacted the European Commission regarding the difficulties many members are experiencing in trying to access the notification portal.

The CPNP has been placed under stress by the large number of notifications being made at the last minute.  50,000 notifications have been made in the last week alone.

Although many users are not being able to access the system, the system has not actually crashed but is running very slowly.  Using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer may improve this situation as Internet Explorer is known to be slower and less compatible with the CPNP.

Companies are advised to be ready to demonstrate due diligence and keep a clear record of the difficulties they experience (e.g. print CPNP screenshots for instances of failed access - with a clear indication of date and time).

Please note that the deadline for notifications has not been extended by the European Commission.  The system slowdown is not considered to be sufficient to warrant this.  However, the Commission Cosmetics Unit has informed DG Sanco, who is expected to inform Member States of the situation.

It is anticipated that the system will be back to normal operating speed in the very near future (end of July) when the rush of last minute notifications is over.

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