Published: 18 September 2020  (Updated: 18 September 2020)

UK Internal Market Bill

On 9 September 2020, the UK Government introduced into the House of Commons the UK Internal Market Bill, the legal framework set to manage the UK’s internal movement of goods. This proposed framework follows the publication of the UK internal Market White Paper in July 2020, for which the UK Government carried out a public consultation.  The Bill provides for general principles for UK internal market access and support for trade in goods and services, which will apply equally to all UK nations including Northern Ireland (NI).  In particular, the Bill has attracted attention because it introduces special provisions to ensure goods benefit from unfettered access to the UK market, both NI and GB.  To achieve this, the legislation includes provisions that would impact the terms of the NI protocol and the Withdrawal Agreement under which the UK left the EU.

To gain more information about the UK Internal Market Bill and its impact both at internal and international levels, members can consult this report from the House of Commons Library. 

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