Published: 23 January 2024  (Updated: 23 January 2024)

Consultation on the UK Government Review of Units of Measurement

The UK Government has published findings of the consultation on units of measurement.

In 2022 the UK Government launched a consultation to review how measurements are used in trade and consumer transactions, and the potential amendment of the options from metric to imperial measuring systems (see this news item).

The consultation closed on 26 August 2022 and received over 100,000 responses.  CTPA responded on behalf of the cosmetic industry and the response can be accessed here.  

On 27 December 2023, the Government published a response to the consultation analysing all responses received, reviewing the arguments for and against expanding the use of imperial units in domestic consumer transactions.  The results showed most respondents were in favour of using metric units when buying and selling products and the Government will not be introducing new units of measurement legislation at this time.  New guidance has been published to promote greater awareness and use of the current freedoms that exist to display imperial units.

Find the Government response to the units of measurement consultation, and the updated guidance on markings and sales here.

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