Published: 31 January 2024  (Updated: 31 January 2024)

UK Government Indefinite Extension of CE Mark Recognition

UK notifies to the WTO the SI extending the recognition of EU conformity assessment marking.

On 26 January 2024, the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) notified to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) a draft Statutory Instrument (SI) to provide businesses with the flexibility to continue to place goods that meet current EU requirements including the CE marking, or reverse epsilon marking where applicable, to sell products in Great Britain (GB). 

The draft SI outlines the changes needed for manufacturers to choose to use either the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) marking, or CE marking to demonstrate compliance in GB.

The WTO notification is open for comments from other countries until 26 March 2024.

As reported in this news item, DBT will be hosting a webinar on 1 February 2024 in order to help companies have a better understanding of the updates to the UK’s approach to product marking.


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