Published: 02 March 2022  (Updated: 02 March 2022)

Support for Global Agreement to Address Plastics Pollution

CTPA would like to highlight that multiple cosmetic and personal care Associations from across the globe, including CTPA, have come together to support a legally binding treaty to address plastics pollution.

The US Trade Association, PCPC, initiated the draft of a global position paper shared through the International Association Collaboration, regarding the UN Plastics Treaty.  The industry supports a treaty based on the following principles:

  • Adaptability in implementation
  • Interventions across the full life cycle of plastic
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Guidance on product design
  • Increase post-consumer technology capacity and deployment
  • Harmonised definitions and reporting
  • Proportionality

To view the industry position paper, please click here.  

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