Published: 11 May 2021  (Updated: 11 May 2021)

RSC Report on Polymers in Liquid Formulations

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has recently published two reports on polymers in liquid formulations, which provide a landscape view of these substances, highlight the key challenges relating to their production, use and disposal and the role of chemistry in developing sustainable solutions.

The reports, infographics and an animated summary of the report are available at this link.

The reports recognise the vital role that polymers play in everyday products including household cleaning products, adhesives and sealants, inks, paints and coatings, personal care and cosmetics.  It identifies key opportunities for improving sustainability according to the following themes:

  • Raw material innovation
  • Circular economy and reusing waste
  • Improving waste management

Following the publication of the reports, a new task force has been created bringing together key partners, including those from the cosmetics industry, to progress opportunities to improve the sustainability of polymers in liquid formulations.

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