Published: 01 January 2021  (Updated: 15 February 2021)

New EU Requirement to Mark Wet Wipes

The EU Commission published on 18 December 2020 in the Official Journal of the European Union the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2151, laying down harmonised marking requirements on single-use plastic products listed in Part D of the Annex to the EU Single Use Plastics Directive 2019/904.

Annex II of the Implementing Regulation 2020/2151 provides the harmonised marking specifications for wet wipes (with a surface area of 10 cm2 or more), consisting on a symbol stating that the product contains plastics and should not be flushed, as it could be potentially dangerous for the marine environment.  The Regulation also gives further details on the use of the symbol, such as position, size and design of the marking. Further, Article 3 of the Regulation states that the text of the marking shall be written in the official language of the Member State where the product is placed on the market. 

This Regulation will enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (from 8 January 2021) and it will apply in all EU Member States from 3 July 2021.  Annex II of the Regulation states that the marking of packaging of wet wipes placed on the market before 4 July 2022 may be affixed by using stickers.

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