Published: 24 April 2023  (Updated: 24 April 2023)

New CTPA Tool to Support Claim Substantiation

The cosmetics industry relies on data and results from tests investigating specific attributes of a cosmetic product to support product claims and comply with the cosmetic legislation and advertising laws.  However, data alone does not necessarily build a good claim support dossier if it does not also reliably present evidence.  The data from tests, the formula rationale, or the information from literature reviews always have to be assessed against, and clearly linked to, the context in which the claim is made as well as the consumer understanding of the claim. 

That is why there must be an argument or narrative within all claim evidence documentation that connects the information available ensuring that the claims made are substantiated.  Companies must do this as part of their requirements for the Product Information File (PIF) and may have to present this to relevant authorities if requested.

CTPA has, therefore, published a tool to help companies build their approach to claim substantiation following the principles of the building blocks of claim support, putting industry best practice into application in relation to the review, examination, and rationalisation of claim substantiation.  It takes into account the factors that must be considered when building robust claim substantiation.  Download the CTPA Tool for Claim Substantiation.

In addition to the publication of the CTPA Tool for Claim Substantiation, future training events will be announced giving an opportunity for industry to engage directly.


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