Published: 18 December 2018  (Updated: 06 December 2019)

NEW - CTPA Guide to Advertising Claims

At the CTPA seminar on cosmetic claims 'What you should know before marketing and advertising cosmetics', held on 11 December, CTPA launched its updated Guide to Advertising Claims and a new booklet CTPA Confidence in Cosmetic Claims.

The CTPA Guide to Advertising Claims is an updated version of the first release in 2008.  The Guide is still CTPA Claims Guidedivided into 3 main parts, explaining the regulatory framework, the building blocks of claims support and guide to good study design.  Key new features are:

  • updated references
    • MHRA Guidance Note 8
    • Cosmetics Regulation
    • Common Criteria on Cosmetic Claims
    • Technical Document on Cosmetic Claims
    • CAP Note on the Use of Post-production Technique
    • ISO 16128 (Part 1 and 2)
  • focus on the role of Responsible Person
  • updated views of the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Clearcast;
  • decision tree and case studies for practical understanding.

 The Guide is endorsed by CAP, ASA and Clearcast.


CTPA Claims booklet



The booklet 'Confidence in Cosmetic Claims' aims to give a summary of the regulatory framework surrounding cosmetic claims and will provide an easy to use guide for marketing understanding on labelling claims to ensure clarity.  Cosmetic claims are rigorously scrutinised and require a high level of substantiation providing consumers and stakeholders with confidence to trust the claims made for cosmetic products. 


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