Published: 25 June 2024  (Updated: 25 June 2024)

New! CTPA Guidance for Retailers: Complying with UK Cosmetic Regulations

New guidance to provide clarification of the legal responsibilities Retailers undertake.

Placing cosmetic products onto the market in Great Britain involves a complex supply chain where various actors take on distinct and differing responsibilities to ensure products made available to consumers are safe.  Therefore, CTPA has created guidance intended to outline the different roles within the supply of cosmetic products with regards to the UK Cosmetics Regulation (UKCR), with specific clarification of the legal responsibilities Retailers undertake.  

Retailers have an obligation to exercise due diligence and carry out duty of care to check every cosmetic product they sell is compliant with the applicable legislation, however, this should not extend beyond the requirements of the UKCR and should be proportionate to their legal responsibility.  The guidance breaks down how Retailers should collaborate with manufacturers or brands of cosmetic products to ensure regulatory compliance.

Access the guidance here and on the CTPA publications page under ‘Legislation Guidance’.

More detailed information can also be found in the Guidance for Distributors.

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