Published: 01 October 2020  (Updated: 07 December 2020)

IMPORTANT – CTPA Brexit Webinar Series

With three months left until the end of the Brexit transition period and uncertainty over the future relationship between the UK and the EU, CTPA is organising three Brexit webinars going towards the end of the year.  These are to ensure companies undergo their preparations for the changes that will take effect as of 1 January 2021, independent of whether the UK and the EU agree on a FTA or continue to trade under WTO rules. 

  • Brexit webinar for members only, 29 October at 10.00-12.00.  This Brexit webinar is exclusively for members and is intended to provide a thorough overview of the future UK regulatory landscape for cosmetics, covering the obligations under the UK Cosmetics Regulation and UK REACH that will come into force on 1 January 2021 and the processes that will characterise ingredients management, cosmetovigilance, stakeholders engagement in the UK.  Actions for preparedness will also be reminded.  CTPA will invite key Government stakeholders to give an overview of Government policy and to give answer to questions.  
  • Brexit webinar for members and non-members, 16 November at 14.00-15.30.  This Brexit webinar is for both members and non-members of CTPA and will provide general Brexit advice to companies, to ensure readiness for 1 January 2021.  The webinar will be held in conjunction with external stakeholders.  To register, please use this link.
  • Brexit webinar for members and non-members, 3 December 10.00-11.00.  This Brexit webinar is aimed at providing a final call for last-minute readiness assessment and latest updates.  To register, please use this link.

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