Published: 07 February 2019

How Do I Prepare My Company in the Event of a 'No Deal' Brexit?

Brexit Prep

The probability of a 'no deal' Brexit scenario has decreased, although it is still the only default outcome if no other option is put into place.  In this huge uncertainty, companies have to prepare in order to minimise disruptions to business as much as possible.

Are you looking for practical steps that your company should take to prepare for a 'no deal' Brexit?

At the CTPA Brexit seminar 'CTPA Navigating the New Cosmetics Landscape' on 14 February in London, Olivia Santoni, Director at Bloom Regulatory Ltd., will give an overview of practical steps that companies should take to prepare for the worst-case scenario in order to survive and continue doing business, minimising interruptions.  With Olivia's experience at CTPA fresh in mind, she will outline what key actions can be implemented to comply with the UK and EU cosmetics regulatory framework (duplication of Responsible Person, changes to labels, what to do with CPNP notifications, REACH).

Francesca Rapolla, Regulatory Information Officer at CTPA, will conclude the session advising delegates on how CTPA can help its membership with specific advice and updates.

The booking form can be downloaded here.

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