Published: 17 January 2022  (Updated: 17 January 2022)

Forum for the Future – Business Transformation Compass

Forum for the Future, a sustainable development non-profit, who helped to develop CTPA’s sustainability strategy, ‘Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry’, is celebrating 25 years.

CTPA would like to highlight that in November 2021, Forum published its ‘A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business’ report.  CTPA is pleased to be supporting Forum as a Partner.

Commenting on the report, Forum for the Future says: “A just and regenerative mindset will be the key to unlocking new ways of working and living.  It sets out a new guiding star for businesses: an economy that sustains the wellbeing of all and the capacity of our natural world to replenish itself, while enabling long-term, broad-based prosperity.”

The report was developed in partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and it introduces a new ‘Business Transformation Compass’ tool.

“It seeks to:

  1. Create a robust definition of what being just and regenerative means for businesses and demonstrate the importance of this mindset shift for unlocking transformative action.
  2. Introduce the Business Transformation Compass as a navigation guide for understanding and shifting the approach your business takes to change.
  3. Draw out implications of this approach by describing the ‘critical shift’ needed on a range of issues and business functions.”

For more information, please visit Forum For the Future’s website or download the report.

In addition to the Compass for Just and Regenerative Business report, Forum has also launched its latest ‘Future of Sustainability’ campaign (please see the CTPA News Item published on 30 November).

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