Published: 08 November 2021

Environmental Claims: Fair and Meaningful

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Green Claims Code provides six principles which must be complied with when making environmental claims.  These principles are in accordance with the requirements of consumer protection law. 

The fourth principle of the CMA’s Green Claims Code states that environmental claims must be fair and meaningful when making comparisons. 

  • Comparisons should be based on clear, up to date and objective information.
  • Claims should not say or imply that one product is, for example, ‘greener’ or ‘environmentally friendlier’ or ‘more energy efficient’ than another, if it is not.
  • Comparative claims should compare like with like.
  • The comparison should be verified for accuracy.
  • Comparative claims should be reviewed and kept up to date.
  • Claims must be kept up to date in accordance with changes to legislation, as well as technological and scientific developments.

Review and assess your environmental claims against the Green Claims Code now!  The CMA will carry out enforcement investigations from January 2022.

For further advice, companies can also consult the CTPA Guide to Environmental and Green Claims.

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