Published: 21 March 2024  (Updated: 21 March 2024)

EcoBeautyScore Public Consultation

CTPA would like to highlight that on Monday 11 March, the EcoBeautyScore (EBS) Consortium launched a public consultation to obtain feedback on the EBS methodology and scoring system.

The Consortium is presenting a webinar on 28 March, 12:00-13:30, where experts will explain the development of the methodologies.  Register for the webinar via the EBS website: 

The EBS Consortium was set up in 2021, to develop a harmonised environmental scoring system specifically for cosmetic products, based on EU Product Environmental Footprint methodology.  

The key objectives of the consultation are to:

  • comply with EU antitrust rules;
  • engage with interested external stakeholders about the Consortium;
  • refine the EBS methodology; and
  • strengthen EBS credibility with regulators, scientific community, and relevant stakeholders.

The consultation is formed of two phases.  The first phase is to gain feedback on the EBS methodology; the deadline for responses is 29 April 2024.  The Consortium will then publish a consultation response. The second phase, which is planned from 17 June -17 July 2024, will allow for stakeholder feedback on the Consortium’s consultation response, so that the Consortium can clarify any information that is not clear.

The consultation is being held on the EBS website:

Consultation documents include an Executive Summary, the EBS Guiding Principles and Methodologies, and the consultation questions. Please note, the methodological guidelines document is almost 50 pages so may take some time to review.  



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