Published: 23 June 2020  (Updated: 23 June 2020)

ECHA News – EU Report on Illegal Disinfectants

On 5 June, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) issued a notice reporting an increase of non-compliant hand disinfectants or sanitisers on the EU market across 20 EU Member States.

The high demand for disinfectants to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and the granting by EU Member States of some derogations to produce these products more promptly have attracted new producers and suppliers to the market.  Some of the reported products do not have the required authorisation or permit, or lack hazard labelling.  Many countries also signalled products that were claimed to be disinfectants but which had a formulation that cannot be sufficiently effective against viruses.  National enforcement authorities are therefore taking action to protect citizens from the risks of illicit and ineffective products.

It is important to understand the legal requirements before making and placing on the market hand gels or hand sanitisers.  For more information, please use the resources below.

ECHA’s COVID-19 page

UK’s Health and Safety Executive

CTPA COVID-19 Public Page

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