Published: 17 May 2023  (Updated: 29 June 2023)

CTPA Welcomes UK Government Action to Ensure No Cosmetic Ingredients Need to be Tested on Animals

You may have seen an announcement from the UK Government on Wednesday 17 May, confirming that the UK Government is implementing a ban on the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals for reasons of worker and environmental safety under chemicals laws.

The UK cosmetics industry voluntarily stopped animal testing on cosmetic products in the 1990s, around a decade before the ban was introduced across Europe.  The bans under the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations mean that for cosmetics sold in the UK, neither cosmetic products nor their ingredients can be tested on animals anywhere in the world, if the testing is done to meet the requirements of these laws.

CTPA therefore welcomes today’s announcement because it is an important step towards the goal of ensuring that non-animal methods are accepted by the authorities to meet the requirements of other pieces of UK chemicals legislation.

This is why we are really pleased that the UK is taking this action because it shows that the Government is also committed to animal-free chemicals safety assessment, something that our industry has been working towards for decades.

Dr Emma Meredith, Director General of CTPA says “I welcome this Government action, which builds on the world-leading animal testing bans that have been in place in the UK for decades.  CTPA and the cosmetics industry do not want any animal testing for any chemicals that could be used in cosmetic products, which is why we have pioneered and use non-animal methods to ensure chemical safety and will continue to do so as a sector. 

“CTPA, NC3Rs and other key stakeholders met with the Home Secretary to discuss the Government’s action, and we support the clarity and reassurance that this new ban will provide to the public.”

Please read CTPA’s In The News on thefactsabout, for full details and additional commentary from Dr Emma Meredith.

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