Published: 01 November 2023  (Updated: 01 November 2023)

CTPA Response to the UK Product Safety Regulation Consultation

CTPA has published the response to the PSR Consultation.

As reported in this news item, the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) published a consultation seeking views on how the UK can better regulate in the area of product safety, taking into account consumers, businesses and local authorities.  The consultation has now closed.

CTPA worked with committees and the CTPA Board to create an industry contribution and has responded to the Product Safety Review (PSR) consultation.

CTPA’s response can be accessed in the CTPA Consultation Responses.

The proposals within the PSR consultation directly impact the UK Cosmetic Regulation (UKCR).  CTPA considers the UK Cosmetics Regulation (UKCR) to meet the objectives of ensuring consumer safety, supporting businesses though compliance, fostering innovation and promoting growth through domestic and international trade.  CTPA’s response requests preserving the UKCR, and the high standards reflected therein and does not support the inclusion of the UKCR within the proposed horizontal framework. 


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