Published: 01 November 2020  (Updated: 09 December 2020)

Clear on Plastics Beauty Routine Campaign Launched

CTPA has been working with the expert sustainability organisation, WRAP, to help develop a new campaign focussed around cosmetics and personal care products as part of the Clear On Plastics campaign.   

The Clear on Plastics Campaign was launched in March 2020 by the charity WRAP, to help citizens navigate the complex world of plastics.  The campaign provides unbiased evidence and information to empower people to make their own informed and sustainable choices.  

In November 2020, Clear on Plastics is launching a new campaign delving into the arena of beauty and toiletry products, asking consumers “Is thinking about the planet part of your beauty routine?”. The campaign will highlight the positive role that plastic packaging plays, for example in keeping products safe and hygienic during transit or in preventing product degradation.  It also draws out some of the ways that citizens can reduce their plastic consumption by thinking about their beauty routine – by reducing, refilling, recycling and returning packaging.   Examples of products and options that are available to help achieve these goals will be highlighted on the Clear on Plastics website and social media content.  The campaign can be followed on Twitter and Instagram @ClearOnPlastics  

The campaign which is built around the four Rs (Reduce, Refill, Recycle and Return) will also highlight some fantastic examples of how UK Plastics Pact members, supporters and other businesses are helping citizens to make informed choices in their beauty routines:  

Reduce – highlighting reusable options and ways to reduce plastic consumption. 

Refill – highlighting refillable options, there are a multitude of products available in stores and online.  

Recycle – making full use of the local council’s kerbside recycling scheme for plastic cosmetic and personal care bottles.  

Return -  for items which cannot be recycled at home.  Some return and recycling schemes are run by retail stores and brands. 

CTPA is a supporter of the UK Plastics Pact.

See more videos on this subject from thefactsabout and the CTPA YouTube channel.

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