Published: 10 June 2024  (Updated: 11 June 2024)

The CTPA Annual Report 2023 is Out!

The CTPA Annual Report 2023 is available on our website at CTPA Annual Report 2023

The Report highlights the breadth of CTPA’s work for both its members and on behalf of the wider cosmetics and personal care industry in the UK and details the engagement that is critical to influencing the future of this vital sector.

CTPA has continued to work in partnership as a trusted authority with the UK Government and other key stakeholders, creating unique and valuable channels to advocate for safety and sustainable growth whilst protecting and strengthening industry reputation.   CTPA seeks also to educate about the science behind and safety of the cosmetic products that we use every day for our hygiene, health and wellbeing, promoting the strict rules and best practices in place in our industry and dispelling misinformation when necessary.  CTPA is always happy to provide background information and quotes to the media (the communications team can be contacted at [email protected]).

Also, building on our work throughout 2023 and then officially launched at the beginning of 2024, and a product of a collaborative work across CTPA’s expert departments and membership, our first ever Manifesto highlights the key asks of our industry to the next Government ahead of the 2024 General Election, that we now know will take place on 4 July.   These key asks are based on the five pillars of essentiality, regulation, science, sustainability and business and they urge the future UK Government, of whatever party, to create a dedicated strategy for our industry, recognising its essential role.  You can read more about this in our ‘Looking Ahead’ feature.

Please do share this report with your colleagues within your companies and externally, those who know CTPA and those who do not!

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