Published: 09 September 2022  (Updated: 09 September 2022)

SCPN Development to Upload Ingredients List

On 5 September 2022, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), the UK competent authority for cosmetic products, sent communication to registered users of the Submit Cosmetic Products Notifications (SCPN) portal.  The communication outlined changes to how cosmetic product notifications are to be submitted.

The ability to upload a PDF containing ingredients will be replaced with an ‘input ingredient information page’.  This will allow users to enter ingredients individually in exact or range concentrations using a new functionality which draws from the EU Glossary of Cosmetic Ingredients.  This will not affect the use of the frame formulation option, which is currently in place, and should continue to be the preferred option by companies

The update will be implemented on 3 October 2022.  OPSS have warned that this change will remove PDFs from any notifications currently in a draft state, and therefore would need to be resubmitted using the new process.  The draft notification itself will not be deleted.  To avoid any duplication OPSS advise companies to complete and submit draft notifications by 30 September 2022 and delete any draft notifications that are no longer required.

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